About Us


was created to provide users with a webhosting service that also provides direct support for your site including access to professional, knowledgeable webmasters. Backed by fifteen years of experience, Eazihost offers:

Website management

Tailored Hosting packages

E-commerce specialists

A small, personal team

Up to date technology

UK-based servers

Personal support via email and phone

Sensible, affordable pricing

Eazihost for Business

We understand that your time is valuable, and you want to put your online store into the hands of a host and webmaster you can trust. Because owning your own business means often working outside of a normal work day, we are happy to provide flexibility in working with you. We can tailor our support to meet your needs from providing occasional assistance right through to a complete Design/build and maintenance package.

The support we will provide for you is personal and recognises the unique needs of each individual business owner and the unique aims of each online entity. For these reasons, we are the ideal solution for small medium enterprises (SMEs) who want an online store that will reflect their business principles and quality products.

Eazihost for personal

Whether it’s to display your holiday snaps or plot your entire ancestry, we here at Eazihost are dedicated to making your online experience as enjoyable as possible. Because we have a small dedicated team we can provide you with truly personal support advice and assistance making Eazihost your ideal choice for hosting your personal or club based website. Here at Eazihost, we take an interest in your success, acknowledging that our success as a company depends on the success of our customers and their satisfaction with our services and products. That is why we strive to make it EAZI.

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